Products & Services


ChemPrint Platform: These are range of field-based, screening level chemical testing kits based on solid phase extraction (SPE), thin Layer chromatography combined with surfaced enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) using handheld Raman spectrometers for rapid identification and quantifcation of harmful chemical pollutants in environmental matrices such as water and dust. Please email at to set up an onsite demonstration of these kits. The proof of concept for a TLC-SERS has already been published by our collaborators, and the associated ChemPrint Platform data (limits of detection, limits of quantification etc) will be published soon.

Mod-Spec UV-VIS Spectrometers: These are a range of modular UV-VIS spectrometers which are fully customizable and are used in our Raman spectrometers with applications in food and pharmaceutical industries. Mod-Spec can also be used with custom high pressure UV cells as shown by our paper.

ChemAnalysis Workbench: It is a data acquisition and analysis software built on the Eclipse RCP platform. It has complete integration abilities with Mod-Spec line of spectrometers and with ChemPrint Platform and supports custom R/python based data analysis plugins created specifically as per customer specifications

Chemical analysis methods database: This contains a list of HPLC/LC-MS/Raman/UV-VIS methods compiled and curated from various sources. This is intended as a completely free and open source community based resource and we invite contributors from acedemia and industry to deposit a lab protocol or a method used in their own labs (after obtaining relevant approvals, if necessary).


Regulatory Informatics/Data analytics: We also provide a wide range of custom software development using R/python based data analysis and machine learning packages implemented as a standalone desktop application, a web based tool or as a KNIME workflow and are extremely familiar with chemical and pharmaceutical regulatory landscape in EU (REACH), US EPA and US FDA statutes, regulations and guidances. We keep up in any changes in current regulations in major jurisdictions (US and Europe) so that we can offer the best possible service to our clients in our field of expertise.

We have developed custom text mining software along with a US FDA guidance, warning letters and Form 483 database to generate regulatory intelligence insights to guide quality management systems required for continued cGMP compliance as per ICH/US FDA guidelines.

We have performed patent literature searches to identify prior art, formulate a regulatory strategy and find past regulatory precedents for our client to assist in writing the CMC sections in eCTD for Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDA) under US FD&C Act.

We have a long track record of successfully completing a wide variety of such projects as demonstrated by our contributions with US Environmental Protection Agency’s coauthors in Environ Sci Tech and Chemosphere as well as reports funded by department of defense’s SERDP program